Monday, June 28, 2010

TT's 23rd

What I'm Wearing: Oversized Shirt-Splendid, Boyfriend Jeans-Banana Republic, Shoes-Old Navy
My birthday man.
TT and I hosted our first family get-together at our place since we've been married (almost 11 months!).  We celebrated his 23rd birthday. Happy Birthday!!  Because the weather has been so nice later in the day, we made it a patio affair, and hung around outside.  It was so fun to have our families over for dessert and to celebrate TT's birthday.
TT's birthday request - confetti cake mix with confetti frosting.  Let's be honest, we all love it.
I love cherries.
We love her.
Opening up his new Garmin GPS from his mom and dad. So cool.
My mom helped me with all the last minute details
Potted plants everywhere.
We had the cake and cupcakes with homemade ice cream.  TT's mom made this blueberry which was unbelievable, and my mom made a cashew banana sherbet.  Sooo good.
Hangin' Out.
EVC and Britty.
We love all of our nieces.  

We celebrated the day playing  football (TT), running errands (me), having family over, and going to a movie with my brothers.  We may have saw both Grown Ups and Knight and Day this weekend.  I love the movies.  Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sliders and Stripes

Steeee ripes!!
What I'm Wearing: T-Gap, Jeans-J.Brand, Shoes-Tom's
Sliders! My mom made the most delicious and delicate little hamburgers and chicken burgers in celebration of Father's Day and my brother's birthday.  So YUM.
 Lots of fresh fruit... a summer favorite of mine.
Brother #1 (in no particular order)
Brother #2
Brother #3 and Birthday Man. 
Happy Birthday Ad!! :)

Aren't they all so stylish? I love men's fashion almost as much as I love women's.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New York - last year

Last year my mom and I covered New York by foot.  Literally.  We sported athletic clothes by day, and dressed up at night.  We walked everywhere. Through Central Park (all of it), we went on a crazy shoe chase, that dragged us 50 blocks, ate at yummy yummy NY specialty restaurants, and talked each others ears off.  I'm jealous of my good friend, who lives in the city and can eat Magnolia's cupcakes whenever she wants, shop on 5th Ave whenever she wants, and jog the Central Park if she feels like it.  More outfit posts coming soon!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Saturday

I love a classic tee and jeans.
 What I'm Wearing: Tee-AG, Jeans - True Religion, Sandals - Target, Bag-Anthropologie
Saturdays are great.  This morning, my mom picked me up and came to support TT and his flag football team bright and early. They had a double header, but I only caught the first game.  We spent the later part of the afternoon at the pool, enjoying the warm weather,  the first truly summer-like weather.  Toinight, we went to a birthday party for our niece, celebrated by opening presents and stuffing my face with delicious cake, and then headed over to Top It, for some frozen yog. It feels like summer to me.
I love zippers.  Is that wierd?
The homemade birthday cake, made by my sis in law!
Remember when your birthday presents were this carefree and so exciting?
 TT has driven this jeep since I've known him (up until recently when he got a new car)...he had his drivers permit when we first met :).  He learned to drive in this jeep.  He taught me how to drive a stick in this jeep.  We've had many fun summer nights driving in the jeep, cruisin up Millcreek Canyon for a nice summer breeze, going to get slurpees, and jamming out to country tunes.  We'll definitely need to take this  car for a ride up the canyon soon with this gorgeous weather. 
Our favorite yog joint.
We like vanilla bean w/ oreos (duh), the mango tart w/ fruit, and the cookies and cream w/ crushed butterfinger.
No, we don't get all of those each time, I wish.   

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stylin' in the Out of Doors

We love the outdoors!  I'm trying my best to be as stylish as possible in camo... is this even possible? We went fishing on Memorial Day with my little bros, my brothers in law, and my cousin/sister in law.  So fun!
Crew came fishing with us Memorial Day morning.  
He loved it. 
It was probably him who scared all the fish away. 

The fish.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

stella mccartney

She just might be my favorite designer.  I would love to wear every piece in her collection.  I do have a couple pieces by her, but would really love everything in the stella mccartney for adidas collection.
Exhibit A: new running shoes, and an organic running sweat shirt.
a running tank.
 unreal shoes.
happy shopping.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day BBQ

What I'm Wearing: Shirt-Wrangler, Jacket-Lole', Shorts-Gap, Shoes-Sperry

How did you celebrate Memorial Day?  TT and I got up early with the twinners, and his brothers to go fishing.  We didn't catch much (I didn't catch any), but it was a lot of fun.  TT and I spent the weekend with Crew and my family up in Midway relaxing, eating, playing pool, and walking.  Much needed.  Later on, we went Memorial Day shopping (which was unsuccessful), and headed to the BBQ/my Grandma's birthday celebration.  
My Mom made this amazing homemade banana cake with incredible frosting and banana layers.
EVC strolling in the yard.
The grillers.
Lovely Grandma Bets.
The garden.  
Aunt Joan's guilt free salsa.  I ate it by the spoonfuls.
Step - enjoying a classic backyard BBQ. 
 Grandma 'D' - the birthday girl.
salmon skewers.
 Muy - I love this shirt.
grilled pineapple.
My cup.
More. Now. 

How was your memorial day? Did you have a BBQ?
I love backyard BBQs.