Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giants Game

Even though we were only in San Francisco for the weekend, we got a lot in! On Saturday afternoon we went to a Giants game, and enjoyed some of the past time favorites.  Giant hot dogs, soda, ice cream, and at the ATT Park they're famous for garlic fries (yum!).
Giants ended up winning 1-0, and I learned there is such a term as BALK.
Fear the Beard!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the golden gate bridge

Since this was the first time the twins had been to San Francisco, it was decided a ferry ride was a must over and around the bridge.  I don't think we could have asked for a more beautiful day!
 Cutest Mom Ever!
Why is everyone looking in a different direction??
Just as we were about to turn around.
Headed back to shore.
On our way back from the bridge we stopped in Little Italy for some delicious lunch at Calzones.  We dined on the sidewalk (prime for people watching), and enjoyed some incredible Italian dishes.  This really is one romantic city!

beautiful weather

The weather was absolutely beautiful in San Francisco this time around. No rain, sunny, and incredible sunsets.  
Some of my favorite things to do at the wharf are:
Ghiradelli Square 
Fresh Mini Donuts
Visiting the Sean Lions
Picking out a bag full of Salt Water Taffy to snack on (It comes from Salt Lake!!)
Staying bundled up! I'm always surprised at how cool it is down there
People Watching
Boudin Bakery

Clearly I love food.
We decided it would be so much fun to learn how to sail!  I'd need to find some sea legs first.
So fun!

Last Weekend in San Fran

After a lovely mid week trip up to Midway,  TT and I took off to San Francisco for the weekend with my parents and the twins.  We had so much fun.  The boys golfed, while we shopped, explored, managed to have some desserts, and then met up in Sausalito to have dinner at Cavallo Point with some friends who live in the city.The
The Ferry Building.
Miette has the most amazing desserts, namely vanilla bean marshmallows, homemade ice cream sandwiches, macaroons, and caramels. Yum!
Cowgirl Creamery - an unbelievable selection of cheeses, with a sister store next door called Acme Bread.  These two places are must stops if you're at the Ferry Building.
 My mom and I took the Ferry over to Sausalito where we met up with all the boys.  It was such a gorgeous day to spend outside. 
 It's hardly ever I see these two wearing the same thing - but they ended up getting jackets while they were golfing because it was cooler than expected.  I love seeing them dressed similarly! :) They're so handsome.
At Cavallo Point.  One of the most amazing views from the other side of the bridge.  We had an incredible dinner, and so much fun catching up with our good friends.
Just outside of the restaurant we sat next to a giant fire pit and enjoyed the views.
Thank you so much Garth and Stephanie for a wonderful night.  You guys are such wonderful hosts, and we are so excited for your new bundle coming your way! I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

super 8 and late night iceberg

how good was super 8?! we all loved it! could be my summer favorite already. 

our local favorite theater.  we meet our family here all the time and share the family combo.  giant popcorn, two large sodas, and a box candy.  it's an incredible deal, and some of the best movie popcorn around.
 some of the coolest guys around.
dedicated movie goers. 
one of the best local shakes around.
we had a real good time. 

we're lucky our parents like to go to "the movies". movies are always more fun when you look down and your family takes up an entire row in the theater.

Monday, June 20, 2011

crack of dawn

On Saturday morning, we met at the crack of dawn to run the Crack Of Dawn Race down Millcreek Canyon.  Adam, my mom, and I all ran it.  It started at 6 am at the top of MillCreek, and ended on Wasatch Blvd... and ADAM WON THE ENTIRE RACE!!  He ran 5 miles in 26 minutes, 29 seconds. Who does that???
I took 3rd in my age group, and this is my view of my own medal.
And she ran the entire time!
*on a side note, I drove all the way to breakfast from the race with my phone on top of my car!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

saturday's birthday bbq and father's day celebration

happy 27th birthday to adam!! we sure love you and appreciate all you do for everyone!!

birthday boy!!
Love her white shorts, leopard print, cardi, and sandals!

sooo handsome!

We share a love for Red Vines
Top: Anthropologie, Jeans: Joe's, Shoes: Crocs

We love a good summer bbq!