Monday, March 29, 2010

Silky Stripes

The Monday following spring break...  It's like I have to be reminded all over again how to get up super early and go to class, and I have to refresh myself on everything I'm learning.  It's scary how much you can forget in one week.  One thing I did love about my break was that I read... and it wasn't a text book.  I have a stack of books I can't wait to read after this semester.  What's your favorite book?  Any suggestions for me to put on my list? 
Can you see this nail polish?  It is soo cute in the bottle, and soo not cute on.  It looks like I have mint chocolate chip ice cream dripping all over my hands.  Oh well.  I still love Essie's spring collection.
What I'm Wearing: 
Silk Shirt: J. Crew
Jeans: Suzy (seen here)
Shoes: Target (seen here)
Jacket: Banana Republic

How do you style silk shirts?  I need suggestions!! Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break

What I'm Wearing:
striped shirt: J.Crew (seen here)
skinny jeans: J Brand (seen here)
brogues: Steven by Steve Madden
Jacket: Prana (seen here)
I'm back! Why I thought I would get the chance to plan outfits and  take pictures of them during Spring Break is so silly.  It didn't even happen once.  But I did get the chance to actually inventory my closet and see what else needs to be ousted in our spring cleaning effort.  As you can see the deck is also on our list of things to take spring clean/care of. TT started sanding it down this last week, and we're getting ready to stain it sometime soon.  I am having visions of this beautiful deck that is perfect for hosting BBQs and summer parties...    Anyway, it was so nice to be school-less this past week.  We even got the chance to get away for a few nights up to Park City and Midway, a great break!  

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This morning I met my mom, aunt, sister, and niece for brunch at the new Corner Bakery least it's new to Salt Lake!  I love that there is finally a cafe close to the U!  I really liked the atmosphere, and the food was awesome too! Any suggestions on what to get next time?  I know that trenches are definitely in this spring - and I love this one!  I was definitely surprised to see that it is made by Columbia because it is very fitted.
What I'm Wearing:
Black T: A.G. (my favorite part about this shirt is the memory I have getting it in Boston, 3yrs. ago)
Jeans: Suzy (also worn here)
Shoes: Target these are new, go get some they are so so affordable!
Trench: Columbia via
Purse: Marc Jacobs, a gifted to me right before I got married
aunt amos, mom, evc, best sister ever

I almost cut bangs tonight.  They're at such an awkward stage (as evidenced by these pictures).  I thought about trying to cut them myself, but let's get real - that would be a big mistake.  Are you guys doing anything fun for spring break? Do you get a spring break?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Downtown Blogger Meetup - Spring 2010

Last night was a total success! And this is what I wore... we met so many fun bloggers who brought their husbands, boyfriends, and girlfriends.  Cafe Trang was so good, and I can't wait to for the next one, and hopefully we'll all get to meet even more bloggers!
This isn't quite all the girls (unfortunately), but seriously so fun.
 My sweet husband who came early with me to meet with Elaine and make sure we were ready (even though BYU was playing, note post below)
My favorite blogger, my mom!
fresh brownies . . . 
Elaine's dessert.
Half way through the sushi delivery...Faith of TheNearestFuture and her husband.  Awesome people. 
One of a million sushi rolls we ordered.
Bloggers... and future blogger?
TT's fortune for the evening - how fitting.
Susan of FreshlyPicked and her hubs.  One of the most creative people alive.
Madeline of UberChicForCheap and her husband.
Love this skirt.
This little guy kept some of the husbands happy.  
 Elaine of ClothedMuch and her hubby Chase.
What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: J. Crew
Pants: J. Crew
Shoes: Seychelles
Necklace: Anthropologie (also worn here)

So, who's coming to the next one?!?!  Seriously, we've already got the next one in mind.  Who doesn't love a massive backyard bbq (right, Elaine? :))?  If anyone would like more pictures from last nights meet up feel free to email me!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness is upon him

Watching three different games at once.  Good thing we're done with school for a week, thank you spring break!
March Madness has begun.  Why must there be all the madness (huh TT??) ? These pictures kind of make me want to cry a little bit.

Ham Fried Rice

Blackberry Messaged my sister tonight asking for a fast and simple recipe for dinner.  She texted three back to me, and this one seemed the fastest.  Thanks Britt, we loved it. The best part was running to the store for the ham peas and onions, and then getting home and finding out that we in fact did not have rice in the pantry.  Looking for my dessert now...

OPI Bright Lites Winner

Thanks to all who entered!  Stay tuned for another giveaway coming soon.
  The winner of the O.P.I. Bright Lites is ...
(i used to pick the winner...and it was kind of fun, I want to use it to pick things like what to wear, or what to eat too! ha)
Miss Ann, send me your address, and I'll send it your way!!

St. Green Day

What did you do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  All I did was wear green, because I knew if I didn't I would pay dearly not only at work but from TT as well.   Uhh, hello pasty white legs arms, face, and body.  I probably should have worn tights today... my legs blend into the paint on the deck. 
   We went grocery shopping tonight which means we have food in the fridge! Milk, eggs, and bread - back in the fridge and food in the cupboards.  I'm still learning to be a good grocery shopper/housewife.  I have a feeling it will take me awhile(forever).  I have to say though I do love grocery shopping with TT, its one of my favorite late night activities.

What I'm Wearing:
T: Shade
Belt: Ypsilon (also worn here)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (also worn here) (and here)

Did you guys eat anything green today?  Green food may be my fav part of this holiday.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

st. pattys day

Two years ago I was in Ireland.  Good  great times.
I was in Ireland two years ago, with my girls from study abroad.  It was so fun it hurts to think about it. These are the streets in Ireland.
Liz and I walking on the windy Cliffs of Moor.
Highlights of the Ireland trip: Ryan Air flight, coat rack, Guiness Beer Tour (asking for diet coke instead of free beer), walking around Dublin, cliffs of Moor, our awesome tour guide, souvies, real Irish redheads, the hostel...ahh let's go back!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chambray and Florals

So proud of myself!  I wore a skirt two days in a row, and one of those days wasn't church! I've just been feeling so springy lately (like we all have), and couldn't resist putting this skirt on today. The morning started out with a different belt and different shoes, until something amazing happened.  I was killing a half hour between school and work today and Trolley Square, an incredibly fun place to walk around/ dine/ cafe' it/ window shop etc. I walked into American Apparel, and was a little disappointed with the prices of everything to be honest.  I was looking for tights and each pair I wanted were $25.00 - for some reason I thought they would be closer to seven bucks and they definitely weren't.  Then, I walked into this incredible boutique Ypsilon.  If you live in Salt Lake and haven't shopped there, go now.  I was staring at beautiful clothes, incredible dresses, denim, t's, belts, shoes, purses, and so much more.  Andrea helped me pick out these more appropriate shoes and belt for this outfit.  Best part?  It was affordable.  I'll be checking in at Ypsilon much more often now. 

What I'm Wearing:
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (also worn here)
Tank: Whimsy
Belt: Ypsilon Boutique
Skirt: Anthropologie (also worn here)
Tights: Nordstrom (also worn here)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

This last shot is a lovely view of my patellar tendinitis on my right knee.  Yum.  Tomorrow is the last day to enter this BRIGHT GIVEAWAY so hurry and enter!! It's not too late to RSVP to this blogger get together this weekend, more and more people are coming, and I'd love to meet all of you...if only. 
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

School Librarian

This was a personal challenge!  I told myself no jeans today, and I did it!  I have dresses and skirts that are begging to be worn and I keep grabbing the same jeans over and over (and over) again.  This dress is courtesy of Shabby Apple from a while back.  I absolutely love it.  I love that I can walk around and not worry about anything being too short or too low etc.  We're headed to the Jazz game tonight.  Dad called and offered us tickets last minute...we'll take them!  Very excited.  Hope everyone is having a fabulously sunny Monday (at least here in Salt Lake)!  Don't forget to enter this BRIGHT GIVEAWAY and if you're local you'll want to come to this get together THIS weekend!
What I'm Wearing:
Dress: Shabby Apple
Tights: J. Crew
Shoes: Steve Madden
Glasses: Fossil (also worn here)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

OPI Bright Lights Giveaway

How beautiful is this GIVEAWAY? Who doesn't love to paint their nails (or get them painted)?  All of these bright colors have me so excited for spring time and summer!  This giveaway of OPI Bright Lites includes all 4 NAIL POLISH colors.  Charged Up Cherry, Need Sunglasses?, No Room for the Blues, and a RapidDry Top Coat.  FABULOUS. 

To Enter:
1. You must follow my blog
2. Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite dessert/treat is.  (Right now I'm single handedly eating a box of Girl Scout Cookies)
3. BONUS entry: mention this giveaway on your blog and let me know you did!

Giveaway ends Wednesday March 16th, at 11pm Mtn Std time. The winner will be announced Thursday.


Where's TT

We were walking in our front door this afternoon when I saw TT matched the front door.  Love him.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My favorite lunch date!

 What I'm Wearing:
Shirt and Grey sweater/shirt: Gap (also worn here)
Jeans: Joe's skinnies (also worn here)
Shoes: Merona, Target
Coat: Prana *I'm in love*

Every week my dad and I meet for a quick lunch hour filled with good food and even better conversation.  I love catching up with him, and love sharing a delicious Italian Muffelata and Cacciatore from this fabulous Italian Cafe.  I love it!  This jacket is new and by prana.  Prana has amazing athletic clothing, and this jacket is superb for the weather in Salt Lake right now.  It's light, and comfortable, and super cute!  TT had a ward ball game tonight. Man those get intense and are so much fun to watch.  I met up with an old friend I've known since first grade for sushi tonight at Tsunami.  I love catching up with old friends and leaving feeling like you've been best friends your whole lives.  Hope everyone had a great Thursday. 
AWESOME giveaway here tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Purple Mountains

I recently organized the shoes in my closet, and I saw these in the way back.  I wanted to put them on right away and finish cleaning in them.  I love these beauties, and I've had to put them away for the winter.  A little update for all of you attending the blogger meet up's going to be AWESOME!! And let me remind you: this is for anyone who blogs! Whether you've been blogging a week, or for years, you're invited! Whether you blog about your business or your life, or your family, or your thoughts, you're invited!  This is a chance for all of us to meet new people and new friends who are somehow connected through the magical blogosphere. Please come! It's going to be so much fun, and we have some giveaways for the night! 
I need a serious tan.  My legs are so pasty. 
What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: Anthropologie
Shirt Underneath: Anthropologie
Shoes: Same Edelman

Can't wait for the sun to come out and for it to be warm out.  I need some sun in my life!

Move Over



4. Asos
5. Asos

7 pair of shoes - one of everyday of the week. Right?  I love the simplicity of every pair.