Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Thank-A-Thon...Thank You Thanksgiving!

#1 To begin, I am so grateful for my husband TT. We have been married for three months and two weeks now, and to be honest, my life has never been better. We have known and loved each other for seven years (i know 7 years...weird, but more cool.), and I can't imagine my life without him. The other day, I got home from work, to find a clean kitchen, clean toilets (let's be honest, I shouldn't have to clean those anyway), and fresh vacuum lines on the carpet. He's that awesome.

Oh and also, he sets the best example for me to follow, basically every day. 

I'm pretty convinced he thinks he's a Cowboy.  A Cowboy who lives and dies for the University of North Carolina.  I really love it.

#2 I am so thankful for my family.  My mom and dad,my sister and her wonderful family, my brother and his girlfriend, my little brothers who are serving LDS missions, in Taiwan and Mexico.  They are nothing short of amazing.  The other day, I called my mom probably 18 times, while I was trying to make mashed potatoes.  My niece E.V.C. is the cutest little addition to the entire family, and always brightens my day without fail.  I love her.  My brothers get home from their missions this holiday season, and I am so excited to see them after two whole years.  I have the three best brothers ever.

 My neice E.V.C. The best little person ever. And the busiest.

#3 I'm so thankful for a wonderful home, with such a cozy feeling.  I love my home.  I love my bed, all my blankets, I really love blankets.  I think if you asked TT, he'd probably say he was grateful for the TV and the Wii, either way, we both love our home.  There really is no place like HOME - which reminds me, I'm thankful for our upcoming family trip to Dland. So excited, TT hasn't been since he was four years old, he's gonna love it.

#4 I love our friends, we have such wonderful friends.  I have friends at work, friends at church, friends at school, and of course our family are some of our best friends.  I truly feel so blessed!  

M and K, some of our awesome friends, up at dinner in Park City, at Baja Cantina.  They took us up there, and this was our first time.  We loved it! Oh man, those little beauties you see on the table are delicious! I love Mexican food, which by the way I'm also thankful for.

Finally, I am so thankful for the the gospel, my religion, as it brings so much happiness and blessings into my life.  It is so wonderful, and I feel so blessed to have been married in the Salt Lake Temple just three months ago.  Life is good!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanks Modcloth for putting up this blog challenge.  What a great way to express my thankfulness!


Britt said...

Gems!! I lurve you so much and so does EVC! Cute cute cute blog!!!

Cher said...

Megs, cutest blog ever. Please keep it up!!!!

Maria S. Turley said...

You're awesome megs, you've always been my fam away from fam! We're all grateful you married Thayne!!!!love ya!