Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

in 2010 i: 
started this little fashion blog turned photo and life blog.
graduated from the university of utah business school.
was blessed with a job. a good one.
went to the mediterranean with my family
ventured around pompeii
ate pizza in naples
roamed around the colosseum in rome
went to san francisco during the giants world series
got a couch in our house.
got called to teach the sunbeams
bought (and wore) a shirt with shoulder pads sewn in. something i swore i'd never do.
celebrated one year of marriage with tt
explored seattle on a wonderfully long weekend
went to disneyland and rode all of the rides. twice.
have learned to love workout dvds
hosted a blogger meet up and met lots of utah bloggers.
have twin brothers who got home from their missions
was blessed with another beautiful new niece.
lost my loving aunt amy.
saw david archuleta again.  can't get enough.
got the desire to start road biking.  now i just need a bike.
learned some of lifes lessons.
fell in love with tt even more.
was introduced to madewell. thanks dad.
declared my love for the boston red sox.
started mall walking with mom and sister early in the mornings. so fun!
met lots of fun lunch dates downtown.
dared myself to part my hair down the middle instead of on it usual right side. this is a big deal to me.
went 4 wheelin in the mountains and got so dirty.
made a few dinner meals, but not nearly as many as i should have.
probably did less than 10 loads of laundry. thanks tt for steppin up.
did my best to bond with crew on morning runs.
was blessed with so much!
    one of many outfit shots here on fresh brownies.

    slc blogger meet up.
    mall walking.  maybe for awhile there i documented too many outfits.

    leaving one of my favorite lunch spots downtown.

    snowmobiling with good friends in the mountains.

    our sweet aunt/sister amy. we love you.
    fell in love with EVERY striped shirt ever made.
    fell in love with effortless european style.
    wore my hair up, even though it scares me. wore more stripes.

    being touristy in pompeii.

    enjoying every minute of it.

    roaming around rome.
    celebrating my parents 30th wedding anniversary.
    these twins got back from their missions.

    we hosted a backyard paty! so much fun.

    tt turned 23.
    tt got a bike. and loves it.

    evc turned 1.

    celebrated many birthdays.
    explored seattle by foot.

    gazed at the harbor.
    celebrated one year of marriage with tt.

    overlooked the insanely beautiful city of monaco.

    participated in countless backyard bbqs between each of our families and friends.
    4-wheelin in the mountains.
    met mickey, while wearing a mickey shirt.
    fell in love with madewell. and crew.
    san fran.

    experienced giants mayhem.
    met ellie beeberton.
    celebrated the birth of christ

    We are so grateful for this wonderful year, filled with countless blessings, opportunities and some challenges as well.  here's to a happy and healthy 2011!


    Britt said...

    A great year! You are the best, Gems. Lurve ya!!

    Cher said...

    Super great post!!!! You are amazing!!

    Melissa @ It's Fancy Schmancy said...

    What a busy year for you! I got put in sunbeams too. They are crazy! Wish we had more time to talk the other day!

    brittney said...

    i, too, am in love with everything striped. EVrything. is that going to be a problem with the rest of the world? hope not. :)