Monday, June 20, 2011

crack of dawn

On Saturday morning, we met at the crack of dawn to run the Crack Of Dawn Race down Millcreek Canyon.  Adam, my mom, and I all ran it.  It started at 6 am at the top of MillCreek, and ended on Wasatch Blvd... and ADAM WON THE ENTIRE RACE!!  He ran 5 miles in 26 minutes, 29 seconds. Who does that???
I took 3rd in my age group, and this is my view of my own medal.
And she ran the entire time!
*on a side note, I drove all the way to breakfast from the race with my phone on top of my car!



Ann Barlow said...

Wow, your bro is incredible! Congrats all 3 of you!!

Adam said...

Thanks for being a training partner and awesome photographer!!!

Emily said...

Loving the neon shoes - I want to get a pair for myself in pink neon :) Congrats on your accomplishment

Britt said...

Adam is amazing.

Ashley said...

how amazing! you guys rock:)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Meg!!! That's so fun