Thursday, May 20, 2010

Outfits and Ice Cream

I. Love. Europe.
 Florence-more gelato please
Palma de Mallorca-The whimsical castle
Rome-My sweet, beautiful, loving Grandma Betty.  Affectionately known as "Bets"
Pompeii-EVC busy playing with rocks and running faster than I can
Pompeii-These are lemons! HUGE!
Pompeii-the city that was preserved from the ash of a volcano
Cruisin-Safari Jacket-Old Navy, Shirt-Rag & Bone, Leggings-Juicy Couture, Sandals-Target

Naples-Stephen's Pizza, under the impression he had ordered a "side" of fries with his pizza, clearly not the case. 
Cruisin-breathtaking sunset
Mallorca- stone decor
Florence-our memorable rain storm
Cruisin-Sweater-Stem, Tshirt-AG, Jeans-J.Brand, Scarf-J.Crew, Sandals-Target 

Coming up are some inspiring European street style photos, and the rest of our trip! Do you have any fun vacations planned this summer, or this year?


LadyBugSays ... said...

Am loving your holiday pics! Especially like that last outfit!

Cher said...

Yes!! Love the outfit! Let's go shopping!!!

Britt said...

Sweet pics! Esp. love Bets, EVC and you.

Ann Barlow said...

I almost bought that Old Navy jacket!! It looks like it was a fantastic trip. Your grandmother is beautiful.

Erin Pick said...

funniest ever, I can just hear TT saying "a pizza with some fries!" Great pic's meg!

daisychain said...

love love love this post, thanks for sharing

Alex said...

You look lovely in that last photo.

I got utterly drenched in Florence as well. Not fun - I'd packed for hot weather, not rain storms!

kanishk said...

Yes!! Love the outfit!
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Justine said...

Those lemons are HUGE! I wonder how much they weigh..

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