Sunday, September 19, 2010


I love fall season. Saturday, we went 4-wheelin' up in the mountains to see a beautiful overlook of the valley with many different colors.  It was absolutely beautiful, and quickly put me "fall mode".  Chunky sweaters, skinny jeans, boots, and in not too long we'll be needing our big chunky scarves too. I say yes to chunky, as long as we're talking about clothes. 

Here come mom and dad.
love him.
very dirty.
the twins. 

Also, more outfit posts coming shortly.  I'm very excited about them too!  We had a wonderfully busy weekend, and enjoyed every minute of it.  Even the moment where I put my phone on top of my car just as TT and I were heading down the canyon to meet up with some friends.  And then the part where it fell of the top of the car, and into the hands of a very nice man who called TT's phone several hours later to calm my fears, and let me know my phone was safe.  So kind of him. 


Elaine said...

How fun!! Even about your glad you can get it back.

I want outfit pics!!!!

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Caroline said...

You always have the best photos!! Your weekend looks incredibly fun! xo

Cher said...

How fun was that and soooooo beautiful!!! Great pics!!!
Your bandana matched the leaves!!!

Anonymous said...

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Continue the good work!

Destined For Now said...

Those colors are amazing!