Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shoulder Pads.

What I'm Wearing: Shirt-Nordstrom, BF Jeans-Banana Republic, Shoes-Charles by Charles David

I feel like I'm channeling my inner "Betty" with this outfit.  I love this outfit, and I know it's very different, and very unlike a lot of what I usually wear.  As we were headed to my parents for dinner, TT asked me if I needed my helmet since I was wearing shoulder pads. I think I know how he feels about this shirt.  

This weekend we went up to Park City, had a wonderful dinner with friends, we worked, I attended the Relief Society Broadcast with my mom and sister, went out for shakes, grocery shopped, went to church, ate dinner at my parents, took EVC to see the horses, visited with TT's family on the back patio under a beautiful sunset, and spent some quality time with our pup.  It was fabulous. 

I have to ask, what are your thoughts on shoulder pads/shoulder pointed jackets etc.?


Cher said...

You look adorable!!!!

Elaine said...

I like it on you!!! I feel like Ihave broad shoulders already so I don't think I could pull them off as well as you do!

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daisychain said...

I love this! Your boots are gorgeous

Rebecca said...

I had to giggle at your husband's comment. That's how my husband responds to a lot of what I wear, too. Personally, I love the strong-shoulder trend. It's so versatile and easy to pull off. Great look!

heidiluxe said...

i thought about this outfit all day. i think you styled it perfectly. i think that's what makes the shoulder pads special and not costumey. sometimes my husband tells me to let him know what he's supposed to dress up like to match my "costume".

Fashion Insanity said...

Nice top and love the combination with the worker boots!