Thursday, October 28, 2010


Meet Higgins.  The Real San Francisco Treat.

We were invited over for appetizers at a friend of the family's one night in San Francisco.  I loved walking into a classic San Franciscan home where there are bay windows, with beautiful views of Victorian style homes directly across the street.  We were in the neighborhood across the street from Alamo Square, which is where the famous "Full House" house is located. 

 I think it's safe to say we had more fun with Higgins than we did with each other.  He enjoys cheese, grapes, crackers, and probably any other food I would of had.  He is very sweet, makes a beautiful breathing sound, and a champion drooler.  But what dog isn't when you're hanging food over their nose?  I know he and Crew would be best friends.

We had dinner in the Marina District at Izzy's, a delicious steakhouse.  Everything was soo good, and so delicious, and I only wish we could have spent more time in the Marina.  The restaurants all looked so good, and so did the shopping.  Thanks again!


Samantha said...

Dogs are meant to be allergic to grapes btw!! I used to feed mine grapes when he was little and he never got sick but you never know....hes a cutie though! :)

erikaparrish said...

Meg your hair looks so cute in that bun. I am dying for long hair right now.. Miss you!

The Davis' said...

So glad you did your hair up, its beautiful! You need to do that more often!

SWT said...

That dog is awesome! You need another addition to your family, Crew Jr.