Sunday, October 3, 2010

lace and bf jeans.

What I'm Wearing: Shirt-Free People, BF Jeans-Banana Republic, Clogs-Uggs, Bag-LV

Anyone who reads this blog occasionally is probably wondering why the last 1982731987 posts I've had the exact same jeans on.  They're my favorite for starters, and they're fabulous weekend jeans.  And the majority of my pictures that I post on this blog are taken on the weekend.  So there you have my explanation.  I clearly understand why they are called boyfriend jeans, they're so comfortable.  
So this bag.  It's a real Louis Speedy bag. I love it, and I haven't worn it for the longest time.  I got this bag on a dreamy trip I took with a good friend in California.  I can't lie, this bag made me nervous for the first little bit.  But I love it and it's very roomy inside.  And favorite crossover purse is sometimes too small. 

Happy October!  My mom gave me some super fun Halloweeny gifts for our place.  And today while we were at TT's parents, his mom gave us some too!  Now our place won't look so dull during the Halloween holidays.  Also - please someone help me decide what TT and I should be for Halloween. I have no ideas. 
Let the month of candy begin. 

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heidi said...

elvis and priscilla on their wedding day!!!