Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Jimmer Show

 We went down with Britt and Bry to Provo today and met up with the twinnnners!! BYU's last home game of the season, and Jimmer's Senior Day.  We got tickets earlier in the week (thanks Dan), and we most definitely watched a great game.  Mountain West Champs!!
We ate lunch at a delicious pizza place, and I don't remember the name. 
 Adam, we missed you!

Sadly, the student section was full so we parted ways with the twinners at the doors, and we were on our way to enjoying Cougar Tails.  Aka a 20 inch long maple bar.  Brilliant!

 So much fun! 

Oh yeah, and UNC won the ACC Championship today when they beat Duke by 14 points, ya baby!


Britt said...

That was such a fun day! Thanks for going with us and thanks to Mom and Dad for childcare.

Meredith said...

ohmygosh! this makes me miss BYU. i never thought i'd miss Provo, what with all that nutty snow, but yes. i do. especially the freepiles in the dorms AND: all the cheap pizza. :( haha!

tallyspank said...

i love the byu support. that a baby! thayne looks good in blue. we miss you guys.