Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sprinkled Donuts

So I love dessert.  Obvious.  I exclusively eat my donuts from Banbury Cross in Salt Lake. That's a Lie. I love a chocolate donut from 7-11.  We even had incredibly beautiful donut holes at our reception.  Pretty delicious if you ask me.  So on Saturday when we were on our own little dessert adventure we stopped in to Banbury.  I love a good donut for breakfast, a little fyi.

From our reception:

2000 donut holes, and I didn't even eat one.  Now that's just crazy.


Ann Barlow said...

I remember that :) Your reception was gorgeous!

Britt said...

I ate some for ya...they were delicious! :-)

erikaparrish said...

OHMYGOSH I ate donut holes at your reception! Loved it! :)