Tuesday, May 17, 2011

China + Giveaway

My family just got back from a very long trip to Taiwan and China.  And as promised, they showered me with souvenirs. Well done! :)  Jokes aside, I'm glad they're back safe, and had a fabulous trip.  I realized how much more boring things are when my family is gone. 
 Is anybody else in love with Muji pens, and Muji stores as much as I am?  These are the best pens in the world, and these ones came straight from China! Love! 

NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT NEWS - SHABBY APPLE IS HOSTING A GIVEWAY ON MY BLOG THIS WEEK!! ONE LUCKY READER WILL WIN A BEAUTIFUL DRESS FROM SHABBY APPLE!!   (and lets be honest, I haven't been the best blogger lately, and so anyone that enters has a REAL good chance of winning!  thanks to you who still read :) )  BE SURE TO CHECK BACK TOMORROW FOR THE DETAILS!


Abby Neff said...

AHHHH!!!! I love shabby apple!!!!!

Ann Barlow said...


the johansen's said...

Hey Megan! I found your blog through Jessica Moffit's blog. I hope you're doing great. PS: I love Shabby Apple!