Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Tea Party

My Aunt Lisa held a Tea Party in honor of our sweet Amy who passed away one year ago today.  Because Amy would have loved everything about the Royal Wedding, and definitely would have woken up early to watch it on the television, Lisa hosted a Royal Tea-less, yet scrumptious get together at her beautiful home in honor of Amy. 
It was soo much fun to get together and remember Amy, and enjoy all of her favorite treats together.
Grandma Bets.
Let's talk about how all my mom's brothers and sisters look the EXACTLY alike.
The entertainment.
Amy's favorite treats... given to each guest in a goody bag.  This Dr. Pepper later exploded all over me in my car.  Dr. Pepper is sticky.  I should stick with Diet Coke, its a more friendly when I spill it.
 Thanks Lisa for having us over to your beautiful house,  how awesome was the Royal Wedding?  I wouldn't mind meeting Kate.

We love you Amy!


Cher said...

You are awesome!!! Thanks!!!!

Ann Barlow said...

Your family is SO darling! It makes me wish I could come to these fun and classy events.

Fashion Insanity said...

Looks delicious! I'm impressed