Sunday, October 9, 2011


I currently have 23 tabs open in Firefox, my internet browser, all of which I don't want to close out of because there is something in each one that inspires me, I find interesting, or let's be honest, it's just me online shopping.  Here's a little glimpse into my current laptop life...some of the tabs currently open in my browser are:

1. Google: I googled, how do you change the name on your skymiles account ( I didn't realize that when you change your name legally, you also have to change the name on your skymiles account.  These things just change themselves.  Oops, here I am 2 yrs later.)
2. - all too often I end up just opening my email on my phone, and then think I'll look at the meaningful emails later when I get on my computer, but sometimes I forget.
3. Sunnie Brook beauty blog: this woman knows her stuff when it comes to hair ans  makeup.  I check her blog almost everyday for a good beauty tip.
4. Twenty Twenty Designs: this cute girl came into my work the other day and we ended up talking and catching up for a minute, which led me back to her blog.
5. I can't get over this striped shirt available from j. crew, but made by Comme des Garcons.  I think I just leave this tab up so I can keep glancing back at it.
6. Fast Running Blog: This is a neat way to track your daily or weekly runs and gain support from other local runners.  My brother is an avid runner and updates his profile frequently.  I like to check up on his runs.
7. In the spirit of Halloween, I'm afraid I may have to snag these for my nails.  Skullzzz.
8. TT and I had a disagreement tonight on what Kevin's Dads's name is on Home Alone, so I went here to resolve the dispute.  It doesn't matter who was right.  (His name is Peter McAllister, in case you're curious).
9. I use Lightroom as part of my photo workflow, and I like to use hot keys on my keyboard to be as efficient as possible.  I'm still trying to learn them all, so I keep this open.
10. I say yes on all occasions to Clare Vivier clutches.  I think they're beautiful, but I'm not sure if they're practical. 
11. eBay: I won an item tonight.  It's the second item I've ever won, and I'm so excited.  TT doesn't realize how lucky I am to have won.  More on this later...
12. This truly inspiring talk from General Conference.  I love this talk, and I keep going back to it.  It's one of my all time favorites.
13. Gathering party ideas from Martha is always a good idea.
14. My flickr account, I'm usually in the middle of some kind of photo upload.
15. Stanford University News:  where I just found a very inspirational (and entrepreneurial) address that Steve Jobs gave at the 2005 Stanford commencement.  I really enjoyed this. Do what you love!!

Well there are just a few of the tabs I am clicking back and forth on tonight.

*Photo was taken back in Paris almost 4 years ago, while on my study abroad.

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Britt said...

v interesting. a little glimpse into your life.