Monday, October 3, 2011

well that's cool.

How cool is this iPad 2 cover/stand?  I hijack it out of my mom's office every time I go over to my parents and play with it.  I think it's one of the more brilliant iPad accessories.  But how about this one? Pretty funny.  TT and I have this one and we like it, but it's more for transporting.
I keep teasing TT, asking him what he's going to get me for Halloween. Ha, it's funny how most the things on my wish list are either camera/technology/furniture related.  What happened to the days when I all I used to want was a new color of gel pen? That's right... I still want gel pens too.


.kaitlyn. said...

i love me a good gel pen. gelly rolls those were the days!

Elaine said...

That. is. so. cool!