Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Girl

Okay, first of all, I'm just now realizing that if you didn't actually see me in this outfit, then you wouldn't know that there is a darling black scarf draped around me, because you can't see it in the photos.  I threw this outfit together on my way to a girl's birthday lunch for me! My mom, niece, and favorite sister took me to CPK amidst all our busy schedules. Doesn't it feel like the holiday season should really be called crazy season?

Things I'm learning from looking at these photos: I like the cowboy boots more than I thought.  They're probably 3 years old now, but look brand new.  I LOVE leggings, they're so comfy.  This sweater was a find, when I was shopping with my mom she picked it off an Ann Taylor sale rack for $14.99 (killer! I wish I had a pic of sleeves to show), and then a wool jacket from Banana Republic that is also probably 3 years old.

Before I met them for lunch, I was shopping in Anthropologie (the sale rack, with my 15% birthday month discount in hand*), and Jen, an employee, told me how much she loved my outfit.  Funny thing is, the main pieces of this outfit are at least a few seasons (years) old!  But she thought it looked fresh and new! Love that!

To ALL those of you who made my 23rd a great one, both friends and family, thank you, it means the world. I couldn't have asked for a better day.  I feel so loved.

What I did learn about this outfit: it looks slightly European I think, and maybe a little less bulkiness on top, and my hair looks like a mop - - gotta tone it down! But its not like this is a hair blog. Maybe it should be. And also, don't look at my face, I didn't know what to do. Thanks for the previous comments and advice! I need it!

*get an Anthro card, they send you deals! and if for any reason you need to return anything, you don't need your receipt if you have one...very handy. and - if its your birthday, they send you a fancy card in the mail with a 15% off an entire purchase - yes please!


Cher said...

this picture does not do you justice! you looked adorable!

Britt said...

Speaking for me and EVC, we LOVE lunch with Gems! And you look cute everyday.

And it's quite the process to post a comment up in hurrrr.