Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From Work To Play

Disclaimer: this picture was taken close to 9 pm, and I believe I put it on close to 7am.  So, while I may look slightly glazed, I think it was from the pain those heels caused me after 10 hours of wearing them (not to mention walking all day long).  This is one of those outfits, I want to believe looked better than it photographed.  I apologize for the boring background, it's more difficult than I thought it would be.  This outfit: cords, J Brand (a San Fran purchase), shirt, Zara (brought home from Paris), sweater*, Anthropologie, watch, Zodiac (the band smells like vanilla...forever).

What I see: these are the TOTAL wrong shoes for this outfit.  Flats would have been much more flattering.  The sweater probably didn't wear best buttoned like that, but to be honest, the collared shirt, was slightly see through, so it was buttoned for a reason.

What could make this outfit better: the sweater unbuttoned? Something needs to change with the hair, it maybe should have been pulled back.  It's getting in the way. 

* At work, there were at least 4 customers (if not more) while helping them that said one of the following:
"What song does your sweater play?"
"If you take off your sweater and put it on the piano, could you play it?"
" Wow, I really want to know what song that plays."
"That sweater..."

 And then came night.  I would have kept this outfit on to go out, but since we were going to a movie I felt a sudden urge to get really comfortable.  I wanted those heels as far away from me as possible. 

Tonight's outfit: shoes-Gold UGGS (last seasons), leg warmers- FALKE from Germany, leggings-Free People, sweater- made by Kenzie a Nordstrom brand,  scarf- from B.P.

This outfit was so comfy, and I felt cute, but not realllly cute (I know you know the difference).  Maybe because I decided on it so quickly.  It was really warm which is so important to me.  I'm all about staying warm.  The movie we saw: Invictus.

Well, how would you have worn these outfits? And which one do you like better? And have suggestions on cute hair styles for long hair?  Let me know!

Thanks, and happy styling!

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