Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Miss Erika

Since it's finals this week, I've been buried in books and really the last thing I have had time for is thinking ahead for what to wear.  This has resulted in jeans and a different jacket, zip-up, or t-shirt everyday this week, and that's just not really blog worthy at all.  However, my good friend Erika, always knows just what to wear.  This is one girl whose not afraid to embrace her own style. I love her love for fashion. 

What I love about this outfit: this is classy, and simple at the same time.  Who doesn't have a black top, jeans, and boots?  Erika makes a simple idea look very fashionable.  Plus, I think I could recreate something like this straight from my closet- and I love that.

Top: J.Crew (she should model for them) - looks like a shirt, but it is really more like a sweater.
Jeans: Banana Republic skinnys Boots: unknown.

The outfit is complete with just a few simple accessories.  Note the watch, and painted finger nails.  I always consider freshly manicured/painted hands an accessory.  Finger nail polish can draw attention just as well as a fun pair of earrings, or a necklace.

This is so helpful for me!  I think I can create my own version of this outfit, simply with what's ALREADY in my closet.  Thanks Erika for being so fashionable!


Britt said...

I like the Unknown Boots. Erika is so cute!!

Cher said...

Looks good!!!! I love black!

Anonymous said...

I adore this outfit and I adore your blog. Just found it, but I am most definitely a follower. You have a gorgeous style!!

Much love,