Thursday, December 31, 2009

Who needs a little black dress on New Years Eve?

I want to wish all of my Fresh readers a happy new years eve, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Thank you to all of you who are reading this blog of mine, and for sending me your input and ideas.  Please keep it up!

I have never been the type to get all dolled up in a little black dress (for many reasons) on New Years Eve. Mostly because I spend it with loved ones at home playing games, and we all know when you're playing board games at the kitchen table its most comfortable in sweats.  With that being said, I felt like trying to bring out the *very small* cowgirl in me.  I absolutely love this shirt my mom and I found in New York this past spring at Macys.  My jeans, are the only pair I own that have a tear in them.  I like to buy nicer jeans so I can get away with wearing them at work, so its hard to justify a big purchase on ripped jeans (even though they're in style).  

This photo isn't great as far as picture quality is concerned, for several reasons.  But I did the best I could without a photographer, and unable to find my tripod (which I found right when I finished).  The shirt, TUCKED OR UNTUCKED? Ehh, I couldn't decide.  I love these cowboy boots.  They were a find and a half, and I went on a wild goose chase to find my size.  I love a good competition. 

Why I love these boots:  a) they're short b) not very heavy c) don't make my jeans fall weird d) they're comfortable and f) waterproof!

Does anyone have any New Years Resolutions?  You can bet I do!  I'll be sharing them soon.  Until then, Happy New Year!!  


Britt said... left out an e) I'll say e)they're a nice color {ie not weird/ugly brown}. And yes, I have resolutions! Call me and we can discuss. Hint: one involves surviving a transpacific flight with a 15-month-old and then not losing said child on Mt. Fuji. ;-)

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You look adorable! Love the higher waist jeans.