Monday, August 29, 2011


It scares me that I seem to be taking more and more pictures of food, and less and less pictures of everything else.  Am I obsessed?  Am I remembering how much I really love to cook?  Is it that I have been able to take advantage of the natural light and take some pictures the last few days?  Maybe I just love food!  Tonight, TT and I made dinner together.  He got the noodles ready and grilled the chicken, while I prepared the special sauce/dressing and put the other groceries away.  I hate putting the groceries away!  If it were up to me, they'd probably get left on the counter the majority of the time.  

I found this delicious recipe for Sesame Noodles here (thank you Pioneer Woman).  The noodles were delicious, but to be completely honest with myself, I'd have to say they were not quite as flavorful as I'd hoped they'd be. But overall, this was a very good meal.
The chopsticks came from our last round of Chinese take-out.  But don't let the picture fool you - we promptly pulled out the forks to enjoy our dinner.  

Dessert is always a must for FHE in our little family, so after dinner we jumped in the car and went for some frozen yogurt with TT's parents.  Monday nights don't get much better!

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Cher said...

That looks so healthy!!!