Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lunch downtown

Today TT came down and picked me up for lunch.  We ate outside across the street from the temple at BlueLemon.  I've eaten there with a few different people, and everyone always seems to like it there.  Today we ate outside because the weather was perfect, and so was the view. 
He got the Turkey Sandwich, and I got the Turkey Burger.  Both were delicious!  I always feel so lucky each time TT, my mom, dad, sister and her girlies come down and share their lunch time with me.  I love it!!


tallyspank said...

adore. miss you lovebirds. happy early anni!

Cher said...

Yes we love to come lunch with you too! --this is Britt, I'm using mom's iPad and don't want to sign her out

Elaine said...

How fun!!! It's so nice to get a peek at City Creek! Wish we were there to see it :(