Sunday, August 7, 2011

saturday night

saturday night was date night.
delicious spaghetti and pizza. 
 Walking to the car from dinner, we took a stroll through some of our favorite neighborhoods in downtown Salt Lake. Saturday night we were up in Park City, and it seems was incredibly packed.  We didn't know but there was something big going on, and made it nearly impossible to find a spot to park.  We decided to head back down to Salt Lake and pick a new place to eat.  We dined at Sea Salt which was very fun.  On the way back to our car our good friends called us and we ended up meeting for dessert and a movie.  We had a surprisingly wonderful weekend and hope you did too!

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Emily said...

That meal looks amazing, and the restaurant looks like it's cute and fun! Glad you guys got a chance to have a date night. The two of you together are adorable :)

xx Emily @