Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad + Silver Fork Lodge

Saturday night, the family met at Silver Fork Lodge up Big Cottonwood Canyon to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  The night included incredible food, the beginning of a great birthday celebration, and breathtaking scenery. 
Love the feel of this little restaurant.
School starts this week, which means the twinners are headed back down to BYU.  It's so much fun having them around for family dinners and adventures.   I can't believe how fast summer has flown by!
WIW: Top: J. Crew, Jeans: J. Brand High Wasted Skinnys, Necklace: Falling Whistle, Boots: Frye
EVC finishing her nap just in time for dinner.
In love with my new Frye's.  Can't wait to wear them all day every day this fall.  So excited!
When we all go out for a meal together we usually order lots of appetizers.  I love it! It's such a fun way to get a feel for the restaurant, and I love tasting lots of different foods.
Canyon Pepper Steak, fresh vegetables and steak fries.  This is TT's meal, however I think a few other people ordered it as well.  Delicious.
Blackened Salmon with Special Sauce (read: I don't remember what it was), mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.  This was my meal.  I love salmon, and this didn't disappoint.
Berry Crisp Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream.  This is one of the many desserts we tried and was my favorite.  The table favorite was the chocolate lava cake, which I unfortunately do not have a photo of. 

Why to dine at Silver Fork: Beautiful drive up the canyon (even though I fell asleep).  If you eat on the patio you have an incredible view of the mountains and canyon.  The food is delicious, and the menu offers something for everyone.  It is a little bit on the pricy side, but because of the location, atmosphere, and time you'll spend dining at the lodge, I think it's worth it (then again, I didn't pay for the meal).

Happy Birthday Dad!!  You are the best!
Here's a super quick video from last night's dinner...

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Cher said...

Wow!!!! Great Pictures and lots of fun!!! thanks again for documenting our family. It means a lot!!!