Saturday, August 6, 2011

the flannel shirt

Hers: Madewell, His: J. Crew
photo by: Christine Olson
I've decided flannel shirts are a staple in anybody's (guys and girls!) wardrobe.  There are always those weekends, and low key nights that call for the comfort of a flannel shirt.  Whenever we go up to a cabin or in the mountains I make sure I pack at least one, and I always end up wearing it.  They're so comfy, and I swear they're always in style! 

A good flannel shirt is also a fall trend staple!  I can't believe it is already August, and I'm excited to get some of the fall essentials rotated back in to my closet.  Do you have a favorite shirt?

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Emily said...

I agree, flannels are a must for fall! And you guys look great in yours!

xx Emily @