Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Party Time

This last weekend, TT and I threw a fun Halloween Party.  And let me tell you, the costumes did not disappoint.  We set up a photo booth to capture everyone's get up as they came through the door, and here they are...
Me and TT: Brian Wilson, and Michael Jackson
Danielle and Jake: A Butterfly and Horse (I still can't get over his mask!)
Daniel and Amy: Ken and Barbie
Stephen and Rachel: Ken and Barbie
How fun is it to see twins with twins?
Matt and Avery: Darla and Alfalfa (spot on costumes!)
Sarajane and Richie: Raggedy Ann and Andy
Adam and Muy: CaveMan and CaveWoman - they rocked it!
Nick, Chelsea, and Baby Tess: Hotdog, Stylin' Witch, and Cow
 Beth and Landon: Male Order Bride, and Creepy American Recipient 
This cute couple won first place in the costume contest. 
 (sidenote - his mustache was the creepiest thing I've seen in a long time, but so hilarious!)
Becca and Judd: Lucy and Ricky
I love that wig.  They look just like them in black and white!
Seth and Sam:  Miner and Witch
Kristen and John: Ken and Barbie (this totally suits you two!)
Randi and Tobin: Medusa and God of the Seas (or something like that)
How sweet are their costumes?  I love it all the way down to the snakes in her hair and Tobin's crown.
Me and my sister, ask Captain Hook. 
A beardless Brian Wilson...just for a few minutes.
Twins and twins.
Captain Hook, Peter Pan, TinkerBell and Smee
And this sweet picture is perhaps my favorite one! She makes the best Peter Pan.

Thanks again everyone for coming, your costumes were great! Happy Halloween!!


Britt said...

Such a fun party.

Ann Barlow said...

I might be bias, but I absolutely love the Raggedy Ann and Andy! Looks like a fun party.

Beth and Landon said...

This was so much fun! Thanks for the invite, we loved the party!! And I am glad I am now following your cute blog!

Anonymous said...

So fun Meg! Wish I was more photogenic for your picture ;) we should get together again soon

Danielle Knoles said...

Such a fun night! Thanks for a great party Megs!

Charis said...

Love the Raggedy Ann outfit!