Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cabin Fever

I'm just going to come out and say it from the beginning. TT loves camo.  It used to bug me a little bit okay a lot a bit, that my husband wanted camo everything.  I thought it was ugly and red neck.  And why would we want to be red neck?  Somewhere along the lines (I'll admit) I've embraced the camo.  I think he looks good in it.  I don't know when this happened, and it kind of bugs me that I think it.  With that being said, you can hate the camo if you want.  You even have my permission.

Disclaimer: I'm not claiming to be stylish/ cute in these pictures, just very very warm!  If I'm cold, I'm not happy.  Anyway, today we went sledding and this is what I wore.  I realize it was only sledding, but still, I'm telling you what I wear for an activity like this.
Ear warmer: Lacoste
Hat & Scarf all in one: Puma (found this in Prague, love the Euro feel it has to it.)
Coat: North Face - My favorite coat-making company
Gloves: stolen from sister's closet in 8th grade, vintage?

Life is Beautiful...especially in Utah.

CAMO!!!!!!!! (side note-without his jacket on he really did blend into the woods)

Crew.  He saw something.  Probably a snowflake.
What keeps me warm underneath:
Shirt: made by FALKE
A German brand that makes incredibly warm athletic clothing
Pants (Underneath the ones shown): FALKE

I loved this little weekend getaway.  It was filled with food, sleeping, staying up late, wii playing, sledding, playing with Crew, sliding on an ice pond, and good conversation.  Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend!!

What do you wear to stay warm?  What are your favorite pieces?  How do you look cute when you're all bundled up?  Tell me, teach me!


Jen said...

aww you look like you had so much fun. i haven't been sledding in forever! and you look so warm and cozy :)
oh! it kind of looks like your dog is in camo too haha :P

RiaTii said...

u look pretty n look u guys have lots of fun. i wish indonesia have winter too. i do like snow (:
thanks for the comment btw, i already linked u n follow ur blog.
if u have twitter mind to follow me too ?

RiaTii said...

my twitter:

AudreyAllure said...

beautiful photos!

and great, i'd love to trade links with you also! i've added you already :)

Ann Barlow said...

Meg, I want YOUR advice on how I can look cute all bundled up. I am living in a Rexburg winter right now, and while warmth is my biggest concern, I still think we can look cute all bundled up! You always look so adorable though! I really want a new North Face coat (I love them too!) but I can't convince myself to spend that much...

Britt said...

Um I used to wear these black and white knit gloves to keep warm, but I don't know what happened to them? ;-)

Now it's basically Nike running tights, athletic turtleneck, a NF thermal halfzip, and some Uggs. You know. Usually, though, I'm just going from the car to the house, so a puffy coat, jeans, and my long Uggs do the trick.

Cher said...

you really should have done a "where's TT photo" make him take off his coat and stand in the trees. he would have blended nicely!! glad you had fun at the cabin. plus FALKE!!!! wish we could find some here.

Elaine said...

I LOVE that Puma thing. I need one ASAP! Where did you guys go?!? It looks like so much fun!!! We haven't gone sledding yet but the Sugarhouse hills looks pretty tempting! ;)

As for me? I don't know how to stay warm... Last year I wore Uggs all winter! They're ugly but they kept my feet warm. I wore them so much I had to throw them away when spring came around. We'll see how I do this winter...

Turley's said...

Thaynes mom says he can make anything look good, just like you can make everything look good. I believe I saw you in camo this summer and you both looked strikingly awesome.

Vivian Tumasonis said...

Your blog is so cool!!!!!!!!!

Kisses from Brazil!!

SWT said...

We all know that girls secretly love camo. Everyone should have some camo, including MT.