Monday, January 4, 2010

my picks: In 2010

Here are my picks for the 10 fashion necessities coming into 2010.  The categories are as follows: ankle booties, round sunglasses, boyfriend jeans, tailored blazers, brightly colored coats, chunky knit sweaters, embellished flats, platform pumps, wide-leg pants, and pencil skirts. 

The Ankle Bootie
my pick: the Seychelles Bootie from Nordstrom
why: I love the idea of an open boot, especially if I'm wearing tights.  It can spice up the entire outfit.  Plus I love the brand, Seychelles is affordable (comparably), and comfortable! $109

Round Glasses
my pick: Armani Shades from Nordstrom.  
*If I were really daring, and one day I will be, my next prescription glasses will come in frames like the ones on to the right.  
why: I chose these glasses because I like the tint, they're not really dark.  I love the print on the frames.  These were also surprisingly more affordable than I thought they would be  at $78.

The Boyfriend Jean
my pick: J Brand Boyfriend Jean.  I think this is the perfect shade for a boyfriend cut.  
why:I love the way the cuff hits, and the fact that there are not too many tears along the pants.  *and i love the shoes* A little more pricy at $224 - has anyone seen similar ones for cheaper?

The Blazer
my pick: Gap Heather Blazer in grey.
why: I have actually tried this jacket on in the store, and it was so comfortable.  With a little bit of cotton/terry material it wears similar to a sweatshirt or hoodie, with the style of a blazer.  You can dress this up or leave it casual. $59

The Brightly Colored Coat
my pick: The North Face Crimptastic Hybrid Jacket.
why: I'm going to be practical, I live in Salt Lake City. While this coat may not be as fashionable as others, it's warm! I love North Face coats, and already have too many in my closet.  This also shows the sportier side in me.  I love sporty clothes, a tom-boy at heart. North Face stuff hardly ever goes on sale, and is always on a wee bit more expensive than competitve brands.  $229

Chunky Knit Sweater
my pick: This Beauty from
why:  umm hello, how great does this look?  I wish the price looked half as good.  Has anyone seen something similar to this piece at all? Until then I'll just dream about this one.  (seriously) $811

The Embellished Flat
my pick: LOLA from
why: I think this would be a great punch of color to any tee and jeans.  These shoes alone could dress up a lot of my outfits.  $154
Platform Pumps
my pick: The N.Y.L.A. Extravaganza pump from
why:  I first saw these and thought Valentine's Day.  Wouldn't these be fabulous out on the town with your fabulous date?  Agreed. $113

Wide Leg Pant
my pick: Seven for All Mankind Wide Leg at Nordstrom
why: I've loved this brand from the beginning.  These just look like a fabulous work pant for me.  They're dark and definitely have a dressy flare to them.  $153
The Pencil Skirt
 my pick: this Brocade Pencil Cream Skirt from
why: this is unlike any piece I already have.  I can already see the fun blouses I'd want to pair with this skirt, and possibly even the ankle boot from above?  I might be getting ahead of myself, but this could make a great Easter dress.   $122

I hope you enjoyed my picks for fun accessories as we enter 2010!  What would YOU pick?  I'd love to see!  And also, stay tuned for the upcoming blog giveaway right here at Fresh Brownies!  Thanks for reading!


michelle_ said...

i want the Gap blazer ! i love all kins of grey colors :D

and u asked wat camera i use.. i use a canon ixus 970IS .. its a simple point n shoot camera . but the result is pretty stunning :D

marvelous blog post !
keep me updated with ur new posts :D id love to check 'em out !

thanks for taking the time to comment and visit my blog .
visit / comment / follow me back at..
* GLISTERS and blisters *

the becks said...

Meg..I am loving this blog of yours. Well done my friend. You did a great job with your top 10. I love the ankle booties. I wish I could pull stuff off as easily as you. You may have to give me a little fashion lesson sometime...over some carmel hob nobs. Miss you!

the becks said... will always be my north face twin.

Jen Hsieh said...

i am definitely a fan of the boyfriend jean, the blazer, and the chunky knits. :)
now i have an urge to go shopping. this isn't good haha

Tights Lover said...

Awesome choices for the upcoming year. I especially love the platform pumps and wide leg pants!

Kassie said...

I love the skirt. Its super cute. Thanks for the comment.

Stolen Stiletto

Britt said...

Gotta love TNF and the skirt. I don't know how I feel about the boyfriend jeans, though...maybe you could get some and I can borrow. :-)

Ela said...

Ooh I do need to find a pair of perfect round sunnies!

Cher said...

which piece would you buy first?????? I love the flaired jeans and the ankle boots. of course the girl that wears them is the best!!!!

Jade Purple Brown said...

those boots are killer, great post!

Pia said...

love those pumps! the buckle is so much fun!

Jennifer [Aspiring Fashionista] said...

I love blazers. They never get old. And since I'm way short, I'm loving that platform pumps are making a come back. Great picks!

Noomie Doodles Fashion said...

woooo great stuff n post.
id kill to have that lovely boots :O lol...

Maria S. Turley said...

The jeans & the jacket are my fav. They pretty much flatter anyones figure!