Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out with the old (Christmas Tree), and in with the New (Year)!

It always feels so good to get the Christmas tree out of the house.  It's opens up so much space it reminds me of cleaning out my closet or something. 

I got the idea for this outfit from clothedmuch, Elaine always makes a t-shirt and cardigan go so well together.  From the ground up: the shoes are boots from Primark (a blessed London store) for 2pounds, basically $4.  The shoes are classic Seven Jeans that I've had for a few years, they have an A stitching on the pockets.  *FYI- these jeans are currently at the Costco on 3rd W and 21st S, my friends at work got some and they're soo cute, and better priced* 
I always love a good casual t-shirt.  This one is one of my favs.  Who doesn't love a black sweater? Great birthday present from my dad.  

Sweater buttoned or unbuttoned?  What do you suggest?  Last reason I like this outfit, I feel comfortable! Lastly.  Someone please help me with my hair.  Any suggestions on how to curl your hair without spending an hour?  Thanks!


Britt said...

Unbuttoned. Your hair needs no are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I love that outfit on you! You look super cute! I also really love your hair in these pictures. And I would say keep the sweater unbuttoned. Happy New Year!

Jen Hsieh said...

what a great casual look. and i love your gorgeous hair! try putting a bit of hairspray or heat protectant on the strand of hair before you're about to curl it. it might help a bit :)

Kassie said...

I like it better unbuttoned so you can see the shirt design. I love your bangs. They were what I was going for but I think my face isn't the right shape.

Stolen Stiletto

Pia said...

unbuttoned! and my hair can't hold a curl at all. it's so unfortunate. i spend 2 hours curling, for it to last barely 40 mins.