Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watch It.

I've been wanting to try out the hoodie and blazer look that J.Crew has shown in so many of their catalogs lately.  So this is my rendition.

Jacket/Blazer: Topshop 60 pounds (how do I do the sign for the pound, anyone?)
Hoodie: Target $8
T: Target $6

Watch: gifted from my Dad, straight from eBay.  It's one of my favorites.  It's a mens watch, so it has an extra big face, which I love!

I found this watch when I was cleaning/organizing my room this morning! Yes, good job me!  Isn't it just the best when you find stuff you weren't even looking for??  I love it!  I couldn't decide if I should have my hair up or down, and if I should have kept this jacket buttoned or not.  This outfit didn't turnout exactly like I had pictured it too, but  it came to me in the shower about 5 minutes before I absolutely needed to get dressed.  I need to start thinking about this a little sooner.  What do you think?


Britt said...

Cute outfit and awesome pics! You can only pull off that hoodie/blazer look if you're tiny and you are, so it definitely works on you.

Maria S. Turley said...

Like the out fit, Love the smile!!!I agree with Britt, you are tiny... I couldn't pull it off.

Jen said...

you have such a lovely smile, and gorgeous hair! you pull off that hoodie & blazer combination wonderfully.
and i love that men's watch! a few years ago i gave my boyfriend at the time a watch and i remember desperately wanting to keep it for myself haha :)

michelle_ said...

you have a warm smile . i love ur cute and comfy outfit . id definitely wear that..

thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
loved this post very much .
thanks for sharing..

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Cher said...

Awesome, cute, what else would I expect!!!!
Still say the girls the best thing in the pic.

Melissa said...

Maria gave me your blog address. Its way fun! I think you pulled off the look great.

Melissa said...

Maria gave me your blog address. Its way fun! I think you pulled off the look great.