Sunday, September 25, 2011

the alpine coaster + montage (1 of 3)

this weekend, we were able to spend some quality time up in deer valley at the montage, down on main street, and in park city on the alpine coaster.  so fun.  the twinners and tt were able to sneak away from their crazy school schedules and join me for some fun on the alpine coaster. the coaster = more fun than the alpine slide.  and you can't fall off the coaster (but your phone can, and it did) like you can on the slide (and i have).  while we waited in line, we played the "pretend game".  this is where someone comes up with a pretend scenario, and someone else has to quickly react to it, and i take a picture of their reaction at that exact moment (pictures above and below from this game).

we all played, and laughed really hard.  it was a good way to pass the time while we waited.
and then we boarded.
the colors are changing.
tt and i rode together so we could reach maximum speed.  and it worked.


Cher said...

Love love love!!!

Ann Barlow said...

I remember that game in London! Good times...