Monday, September 5, 2011

end of summer bbq

Happy Labor Day weekend.  We had one last summer "official" summer bbq in my parents backyard today.  And some of us just so happened to dress alike.  On the menu, a hotdog bar, accompanied by salads (almost all of my aunts and each of my grandmas specialize in one particular salad) and desserts (always the best part!).  The hotdog bar turned out quite successful.   Everyone likes to prepare their hotdog a different way, and today they could.
My favorite was the chili cheese dog. Yes please. The sauerkraut with bell peppers was pretty good too.  TT likes the relish on his, and as long as I have mustard I'm good.
I've got so many fun pictures from this weekend, and I'll be doing a little review of Swiss Days coming up!  It's one of the reasons I love Labor Day.  We were able to cram quite a bit into the long weekend, and I'm excited to share.  Have a wonderful week!


Cher said...

Love stripes! And the girls wearing them!

Britt said...

So cute! Fun day.