Sunday, September 18, 2011

Swiss Days Recap

I love Swiss Days.  It always falls on Labor Day weekend.  The weather is usually starting to transition from summer to fall, school is back in session, and the long weekend comes at the perfect time.  Our family has a place in Midway we love to call our home away from home.  Swiss Days runs from Friday to Saturday, with an incredible amount of activities from start to finish.  There is a 10k on Saturday mornings, which we've run in past years, a parade, traditional Swiss food and a whole lotta other good food, crafts, and usually a really good find or two.
We ran into some cute puppies, an lovely beach cruiser, some real Swiss peeps (I've got some Swiss in me!), beautiful barns, and delicious peach pie.
The pony rides are free at the local grocery store.
 Please don't pull grass to feed sheep.
The Swiss flag is everywhere.
The small town of Midway overflows with food, crafts, and people.

I don't know about everyone else, but we love it!

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Cher said...

Love all these pictures! So many fun memories!!!