Tuesday, September 20, 2011

lunch time

One of my favorite things about working downtown are all of the fun lunch places I get to try.  Today Katie and Danielle (my super cute coworkers) and I went to ekamai for some Thai food.  This cute and tiny restaurant dishes up some delicious curry and noodle dishes.  We tried egg noodles with broccoli and chicken sprinkled with lime and red pepper flakes.  If you like Thai food and live in the city I recommend ekamai. 
Last week I tried Guzzi's with my mom and dad, famous for their burgers.  Between the three of us we tried the Guzzi, Bacon and Bleu Cheese, and the Veggie Burger.  All were delicious, although maybe a little too greasy for our liking. 

Where do you like to eat in Salt Lake?  I'm always up for a good food recommendation.

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Sara said...

Red Ginger. Good, cheap sushi.