Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Cooking Class + Cookies

Tonight we kicked off our Fall Cooking Classes with an incredible Italian dish.  We had a fun demonstration and enjoyed some Quadertine Casserole.  This is such a tasty dish, and incredibly healthy!
The recipe includes so many vegetables and fresh herbs (or dried), and when we pulled the finished product out of the oven, it all smelled incredible.
Mixing in the fresh spinach...
 This informative table runner came from Naples Italy last year.  What fun decor!
We talked about different types of noodles and fresh herbs vs. dried herbs.  I loved looking at this pasta dictionary.
There you have it, Quadertine.
And as a little cooking class dessert, I thought it appropriate to enjoy these cookies.  Last night we headed over to Maria's aka brilliant cake decorator and she taught us the technique/special frostings for dam and fill sugar cookies.  I loved every minute of our mid-week girls night in.  Thanks Maria for your patience, and thanks Britt for making the cookies!  I can't wait to try this again.  I have a new respect for cookie and cake decorators. 
Everyone attending cooking class this fall received a welcome to class basket.  How fun! I can't wait to use everything in it, and learn more about the art of cooking! If anyone would like me to post this recipe or email it to them let me know.  You won't regret making this healthy dish!


Cher said...

Thanks for the great pictures. I love the cookies, I love cooking class and I love the pictures. You're awesome!!!

alyssa nelson said...

can you PLEASE post the recipe for Quadertine? OR send it to me? i would so appreciate a new recipe in my life! (
It looks delish!!

Britt said...

Cooking class is my favorite!! Love.

j. said...

Where are you guys taking this class? I want in!

j. said...

Where are you guys taking this class? I want in!