Thursday, February 4, 2010

I know that he knows

My routine: most mornings, I wake up and go to class (slowly, but I do go), then I run home, shower and get ready and zoom back downtown for work.  Why not just shower and get ready before school?  Because.  That would mean I'd need to get up at like 5:30 so I could leave by 6:30.  In my world, that's not even really an option.  With that being said, I have a confession.  I'm usually in such hurry to shower, get ready, eat something, and get out the door that I don't think about much else.  Yesterday TT let me in on a little secret.  He said, "You're kinda grumpy when you're getting ready."  Bam.  It's true.  Not only I know it, but he knows it too.  I'm usually in such a hurry to put on my makeup *carefully put on mascara*, blow dry my hair, and change my outfit like 8 times, that I'm not a very nice person in the process.  Plus I leave a whirlwind of a mess - every day! There's just something about getting ready that is kinda sorta stressful...that something is probably me.  My goal:  to be ready sooner, and to prepare as much as I can the night before.  I think this will help things go more smoothly.  Wish me luck. 
What I'm wearing:
Jacket: Hurley, purchased in Disneyland
Blouse: Splendid - don't love it that much anymore. Want it?
Belt: Urban Blues
Jeans: Skinnies, no name brand from Nordstrom Rack ($17) and they fit like a gem
Shoes: flats from Primark, London

Does anyone else always feel like they're hurrying to get ready?  Please tell me I'm not the only one.  I need to schedule myself better.  Have a great day!!


j. said...

cute outfit! i like.

i can be a grump while readying also, but these days i blast tunes from my computer as i go. cheers me right up.

lets catch up soon, shall we? xo.

Robyn said...

Good luck! I always considered myself a morning person. bc I wake up and start my day without any hesitation. I make coffee, eat breakfast, get ready, and start getting work done. It wasn't until I started living with my boyfriend that I found out I am not a morning person. Turns out I am a cranky pants during this whole process. There was just never anyone to see it before. so.... longwinded... I think we are in the same boat.

♥Lola said...

I know what you mean about getting ready being stressful! However I love the process of figuring out what to wear the night before :)

Latoya said...

Haha. I made the same goal to plan my outfits the night before. When I actually follow through, it's the best relief. When I don't...I wonder why I do it to myself. Good luck :-)

Oh yea...I tried doing a couple of outfits on Sunday since I have more time. Maybe that will help.

Kaylalala said...

I'm kind of in the same boat as you except I don't have to rush off to work after school. But I like to get to school early.

What I have found really helps is having a shower the night before, and blowdrying and straightening my hair the night before as well. And then just waking up in the morning, throw on clothes, mascara, and re-straighten my hair a bit if there's a kink from sleeping funny. If I shower the night before and kind of get ready the night before, then it takes me 20 minutes max to get ready in the morning, and for you that would be waking up at 6:10!

I don't find I get sweaty or anything during school since I'm usually sitting, but if you're able to do that, and even set aside the next day's school clothes (and work clothes) the night before I'm sure this would save you a lot of time and be less stressful on you!

But that's just my opinion!

Kayla <3


Liz said...

I've recently started planning my outfits on the weekend. At least the basis, and I try it on, so that I know what it will look like! I also have plans for my hair, what days I have time to wash and style, second day hair messy bun, etc.
Unlucky for me, my BF gets to sleep later, so I get to be a grump on my own lol

Jen said...

I used to be a dreadful rusher - leaving a trail of clothes and splattering of makeup behind me! But I forced myself to get up 10 minutes earlier and I've been much better since. I like taking my time in the morning. Rushing is stressful!

Good luck!

JoAnna Duncan said...

I know exactly how you feel - you described my daily struggle with what to wear, get ready & get out of the house on time routine exactly! I also leave a trail of mess in my wake which results in more frustration as I then can't find an item of clothing I want cause it's in the pile somewhere!!! Your plan of a schedule sounds good, I might have to implement one myself.


CherryBlossom said...

I'm terrible for getting ready in the morning. I seem to have it in my head that I only take 15 minutes to get ready, until my darling husband informed me that it usually takes me ten minutes to do my makeup alone. Then it's the choice of what to wear, I usually have about three or four outfits I want to wear, so choosing takes a while!

I am deluded obviously!

Glad to see it's not just me though!

Keeley said...

I agree with some of the others... try picking out a few outfits on Sunday, so you have options for the week. I've had hectic mornings, too, but when I have my clothes and hair planned I'm so much happier when I hit the road.

briannelee said...

I always shower at night so I have extra time in the morning to get ready. If I had to take a shower in the morning I think I would have to run out the door w/ wet hair ;)

Sabrina said...

I am like that every morning. I try to stay in bed as long as I can before I absolutely have to get up and get ready. Its especially harder during the winter when staying in bed is seems like such a better option. The summer is usually alittle easier for me.

I try to think about what I am going to wear the night before, but usually that outfit I come up with doesn't end up working (especially if I haven't worn it before) and have to change several times. By the time I am done, my closet is so disorganized.

Every weekend I spend at least one hour re-organizing my closet for the upcoming week ahead.

Jen said...

we ALWAYS get up to late. And breakfast is non-existent. I don't think we're grumpy, but we sure don't talk a lot while we're rushing through the bathroom and the bedroom--sad.

Mary said...

My husband is the one who's micro-focused when he gets ready in the morning. He has made it very clear that it's nothing personal, but he does not want to be disturbed. But then, he gets up very early in the morning to go to work, so it's easy for me to just sleep through it.

Taylor Sterling said...

Love this simple and chic look!

brooke said...

at least youre lucky to live close enough that you can go home to shower.

Personally, I shower the night before. haha because I can't go to bed dirty :P but I never have to leave the house by 6:30, so I completely see your point!

I prefer getting up a bit earlier to have my leisurely breakfast (takes me 20-30 mins haha). Do tell me you make time for breakfast!!

I'm somewhat grumpy in the mornings too haha. me and my mum... noone speaks in our house until we're arranging to leave. outsiders think it's pretty comical...

good luck with it!


Audrey Allure said...

i feel that way all the time, like right now haha!
cute outfit :)

Lexi Colby said...

GORGEOUS love your jacket


Ann Barlow said...

I LOVE that jacket!! You are so beautiful. Um, you probably don't want my advice on getting ready in the morning. I get up at 6 every morning to do homework, as a result I am very much ready long before class.

Marz said...

Haha, don't worry, I'm not a morning person either. It's hectic getting ready and I hate having distractions. You look so lovely here! Love your hair

Jen said...

i love that hurley jacket you're wearing, it looks so comfy! :) and i'm not too grumpy in the morning but i definitely do leave a huge mess behind me, especially when i'm rushed. i can never figure out what to wear and really, who has time to put everything back on their hangers? :P
i'm grumpy when i wake up from naps though. naps are dangerous.