Sunday, February 7, 2010

Friday Night= Cabin, Candy, Games, and Candy

TT: almost always wearing one of his favorite sports teams.  I love it. 
Me: warm and toasty in my new coat from Disneyland.

K and M took us up to their cabin Friday/Friday night.  Quick recap:
Wendy's on the way up
Fruit and Fruit Dip
Seven Layer Dip
Cheddar Ruffles
Cherry Coke
German Pancakes
Papa Murphy's Pizza
More Food
Apples to Apples
Scary Movies
The Notebook
Picture Taking
Shakes on the Way Down

This is Meg.  We get along great.  We like to do things like this, with Meg and K.

 We've known this lovely couple for a few years now.  TT and K were elementary buddies together.  It's so great to have great friends.  And great food.


Madeline Veenstra said...

Gorgeous! I love your coat :)

Laura Demetriou said...

Great pictures lovely!

Lisa said...

Looks and sounds like an awesome time! I'm so jealous of all that beautiful snow you have!

Secondhand Stella said...

That sounds like a fun weekend!!!! Its nice to get away with fun people.

Alex said...

You are such an amazingly cute couple!

Love the coat too :)

Jen Hsieh said...

you two seriously make the most adorable couple. ever. this sounds like such a fun weekend and i love your coat (i know i said that in the last post too but it really does look amazing on you!) :)
i'm drooling from all the foods on that recap list haha

daisychain said...

you two are so cute!

Turley's said...

next family gathering i'm putting you in charge of the food. Great pictures. Glad you had fun with such great friends. LOVE YOU!!

myedit said...

Cute pictures.... and I love how 2/3 of the list of this weekend was food. Nice...

Anonymous said...

ohhh sweeeettt pics!!!!! i like your style ;O)

Jessica said...

Dear Meg,

Yesterday I was hanging out with your brothers at your house and everyone was raving about your blog. They said I needed to look it up, and needless to say, I am very impressed! You are adorable...and amazing! Can I just hire you to buy clothes and pick out outfits for me? Haha. You have a talent, that's for sure! Really, it has been too long since we have just spent some good quality time together. Let's change that? Hopefully I can see you around your parents house or Midway sometime soon!

Love you!


G. said...

I'm in love with that coat, and you have a fantastic smile. It could fill a room!

Elaine said...

Awesome!!!! Lucky you!!! And I can't imagine that much snow.. We ahven't got any downtown in a while!

Megan and Kurtis said...

Oh my goodness, these pics are horrible of me! maybe I should have actually put on some makeup and looked in the mirror before getting my picture taken wow! they are cute of everyone else and it was a good time. We are glad you guys came with it definitely wouldn't have been as fun.


Kayla said...

I love these kinds of posts. Great pictures. (: