Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Take A Look At Yourself

Well, it's midterm time have a ginormous test tomorrow night. Wish me luck.   My teacher in my business ethics class read this last night:
Watch your thoughts, they become your words.
Watch your words, they become your actions
Watch your actions, they become your habits
Watch your habits, they become your character.

Am I being the example I should be?  Do I have good thoughts, say kind words, and do good things?  Do I have bad habits I need to work on overcoming? This is definitely a powerful statement... something I have been thinking about since last night.    


fledgling said...

unless you've got a really good filter and don't speak your mind. you instead speak the thoughts you want people to think that you're experiencing :-)

so your thoughts get filtered and become your words (lies).

but lies don't have to become your actions if you avoid the presence of the person you lied to; allowing you to act as you please.

its all very relative...

don't think so hard.

maxwell conrad


maxwell conrad


LyddieGal said...

Something to ponder.
I should probably watch my thoughts more.

Good luck on your exams!

brooke said...

wow, this is strong! definitely something to think about... I try to stop thoughts becoming words by using a diary / journal, keeps me in check.
But yeah, I'll definitely be keeping this in mind!
thanks for posting

and good luck with the test!


CherryBlossom said...

How interesting.

I think the heart/mind debate also has a lot to say in this too, if your thoughts are based on your heart then your words and actions will be driven on emotion (and that's not always a great thing)

If your thoughts and words are based on your mind, then things should be a lot more logical and less complicated... well, that's the theory anyway!

daisychain said...

eek this is though provoking.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

this is really a rad sentiment--and a good argument for why to use precise language.

SB said...

such true words! good for you for being so reflective.

not too serious i hope

communikate. said...

Ooh..this is a good one!!

Thanks for saying hello on my blog!
Yours is lovely!

Anonymous said...

This is good to think about. My sister has this on her fridge and I always like to reflect on it when I visit her. Thank you so much for your visit at my blog and for commenting! You have a beautiful blog here! <3 xx