Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chambray and Florals

So proud of myself!  I wore a skirt two days in a row, and one of those days wasn't church! I've just been feeling so springy lately (like we all have), and couldn't resist putting this skirt on today. The morning started out with a different belt and different shoes, until something amazing happened.  I was killing a half hour between school and work today and Trolley Square, an incredibly fun place to walk around/ dine/ cafe' it/ window shop etc. I walked into American Apparel, and was a little disappointed with the prices of everything to be honest.  I was looking for tights and each pair I wanted were $25.00 - for some reason I thought they would be closer to seven bucks and they definitely weren't.  Then, I walked into this incredible boutique Ypsilon.  If you live in Salt Lake and haven't shopped there, go now.  I was staring at beautiful clothes, incredible dresses, denim, t's, belts, shoes, purses, and so much more.  Andrea helped me pick out these more appropriate shoes and belt for this outfit.  Best part?  It was affordable.  I'll be checking in at Ypsilon much more often now. 

What I'm Wearing:
Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (also worn here)
Tank: Whimsy
Belt: Ypsilon Boutique
Skirt: Anthropologie (also worn here)
Tights: Nordstrom (also worn here)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

This last shot is a lovely view of my patellar tendinitis on my right knee.  Yum.  Tomorrow is the last day to enter this BRIGHT GIVEAWAY so hurry and enter!! It's not too late to RSVP to this blogger get together this weekend, more and more people are coming, and I'd love to meet all of you...if only. 
Happy Tuesday!


Leah said...

Love the combination... chambray and floral really works.

I have to say this... today's pics are exceptionally great... you look so radiant. I don't know what you did today but I see a glow. I love it.

Have a great day! xoxo

Dancing Branflake said...

I love how modestly but stylishly you dress. So inspiring!

Chloe said...

great combination, love the skirt

brooke said...

aw you look amazing! that skirt is so cute, love the tights too. and love the chambray/floral combo as well, looks great.

ah salt lake! my dad used to teach (skiing) there!


Rasha said...

So cute.

daisychain said...

this is seriously gorgeous girl x

Elaine said...

You totally rock florals and chambray! Love the belt. I haven't heard of the boutique.. Where have I been?!?

Aloha Soleil said...

Gorgeous look! I love the denim with florals. The tights are stellar and totally won the look for me :)

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

hey i have that chambray shirt! i love it, but it's a little baggy on me...i love the way you've worn it with flowers...so pretty!